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I'm Dr Malini Devadas, and I'm a professional academic writing coach. I help graduate students, early career academics and medical professionals improve their writing skills. 

Clear, concise and compelling

Do you struggle to find time for writing? Do you spend endless time revising draft after draft? Or are you just not confident in your writing skills? Wouldn't you love to be able to write your journal articles faster, creating a good first draft that you then efficiently revise and copyedit, ready for submission? If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, then Clear, concise and compelling may be just what you need. In this 8-week e-course, you will be given the tools you need to write a clear, concise and compelling journal article. You will be applying everything you are learning to your own journal article and will have deadlines to motivate you to get it done!  In addition to these tools, you will become a member of a private Facebook community, where you can seek support from and provide support to others who are also writing academic manuscripts. I know from experience that professional online communities can be invaluable. And there certainly aren't many around that focus on academic writing. Ideal participants This course is aimed at graduate students and early-career researchers; however, anyone who wants a process to follow for academic writing will benefit from the course material. In addition, supportive online communities devoted to academic writing are hard to come by. So while I know you will benefit from all the content, I think that the community support will be priceless. Cost The cost is AU $440 (this is inclusive of GST for Australian residents). You get access to the course material and the online community for as long as the course exists (which I'm anticipating to be many years to come), so you can come back to the content each time you need to write a journal article.  My qualifications I did my PhD in Australia in the late 1990s and then went on to complete a prestigious JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship in Japan. After returning to Australia, I retrained as an editor and have worked as a professional editor since 2004, becoming accredited with the Institute of Professional Editors in 2009. I have also given writing and editing workshops around Australia since 2011. All of my experience from working as an editor and giving writing workshops has been poured into this e-course. After all these years, I find that most clients struggle with the same aspects of academic writing, all of which I have addressed in the course material. Testimonials Thanks very much for the great material. I really enjoyed the course and now have a complete journal article and cover letter. —  IH, Canberra.
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3 quick wins for writing your journal article

If you need help with your journal article, you're in the right place! Join my free 3 quick wins for writing your journal article challenge and learn some of the writing tips that I teach my private clients.  You will receive one email from me each day for 3 days. Each email will give you a specific and simple action that you can take to make progress on your manuscript. It's that simple!
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